Xingyun Subsector: Lofoten

I’ve always liked asteroids, and I wanted a scrappy asteroid region in this subsector. But belts can be pretty spread out, and I wanted something just a bit more manageable. So I decided on trojans, and here we are with Lofoten. 

Lofoten is the name of the asteroid archipelago drifting about at the L4 point of a massive gas giant called Mimir. It’s a region about 1.5 AU long by 1 AU wide, with a total mass equivalent to something like 1% of Earth’s moon. The largest body is approximately 150 km in diameter, and there are several thousand with diameters of at least 2 km. It would take a free trader about 3 days to travel from one end to the other.

It’s a dangerous region to travel in if you don’t have up-to-date charts. Lots of dust and particles that can beat up a ship. In some cases it might be like getting hit with sandcaster pebbles.

Since libration makes the various rocks drift around in relation to one another, I thought it might be appropriate to give the locals a nomadic feel. Something like the belters from The Expanse crossed with the Dothraki from Game of Thrones. Post-fall, it’s a lot of worn-down mining and freight ships cobbled together into fleets, trading with the occasional tramp that finds its way out from Xiangong. They probably have a few dedicated runs of their own into the more populated systems to get essentials that they can’t easily produce.

Adventurers who travel here can trade for cheap ore and other mined stuff. Occasionally they might be able to score some local narcotics — all that time cooped up in little ships, you bet they have drugs. A lot of goods will sell well here, as they’re a small population without much industry of their own.

As for trouble to get into, assume it’s a society that’s too small to war amongst itself, but there are rituals and traditions in place to settle grievances. A PC who says the wrong thing might find his or herself in a rusted out cargo bay in a knife fight.  I also think an important rule for CE and its ancestors is that power corrupts, and it’s a rare person of influence who isn’t some combination of greedy and depraved. The PCs always make ideal pawns for their schemes. And don’t forget the outcasts, pirate-like groups who have abandoned traditions and prey upon whomever they like.

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